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Urethane endless flex synchronous belts

Neoprene Synchronous double side

ABIX Urethane Endless Flex Synchronous belts are made
of thermoplastic polyurethane, with continuous spiral steel cords.

They are specially suited for power
transmission and conveying with high loads
and high speeds (up to 10000 rpm].

Tension members could be made of steel, stainless steel,
Kevlar TM or polyester cords.

Available profiles:
MXL, XL, L, H, XH, XXH, T5, AT5, T10,
AT10, T20, AT2O, HTD3M/S3M/RPP3M,.
HTD5M/S5M/RP P5M, S4.5 M.
HTD14M/S14M/R PP1 4M, HTD20M